Mattress Accessories

Convoluted Toppers (egg-box)

Our convoluted or "egg-box" toppers are made from high density foam and are ideal for providing extra comfort to your existing mattress. Please note that they will not improve on an already sagging mattress. Our convoluted toppers can be cut to fit any size bed.

Vitality Visco-elastic Memory Foam Overlays

These supreme overlays are made of 50mm visco-elastic high density memory foam covered in a stretchy cotton fabric. These overlays also relax according to your body dynamics and soften as you gently sink in, cradling you with comfort and supporting you with science.

Mattress Converters

Our mattress converters are ideal for combining mattresses and converting them into a queen or king size mattress. The converters are tape edged and have tie downs to create a neat finish and eliminate the "gap" between the mattresses.